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With growth in mind and with a commitment to continuously improving the quality of our products and services, we are introducing many exciting changes that will be announced very soon!

  • A user-friendly, comprehensive and improved site Our new website will offer technical documentation and useful information for professionals in the industry, as well as a complete overview of the products and services we provide. Check back soon to explore it!
  • New infrastructure A key player in the field of construction, Portes St-Michel is currently expanding through the acquisition of new companies to offer a wider range of services and products to our customers.
  • Increasing our production capacity To meet our growing needs and prepare for the future, major investments are currently underway to modernize our production lines and propel our company towards new projects!

A 60+ year tradition of craftsmanship and

Fièrement produits au Québec

Proud partner of your commercial projects, Portes Saint-Michel designs and manufactures interior doors for distributors and contractors.

Fièrement produits au Québec
Fièrement produits au Québec

Quality products designed for your projects

Portes Saint-Michel is actively involved in several areas of the construction industry. We are always happy to assist you with your projects, whether they are architectural, industrial or commercial.

Portes Saint-Michel also offers custom designed and manufactured products that meet your specifications. What's more, throughout the manufacturing process, we ensure that these products meet the highest quality standards.

Fièrement produits au Québec

We are

Fièrement produits au Québec
Fièrement produits au Québec

PUSM offers competitive salaries and a wide range of benefits. We're always looking for new talent!

Contact us today and join our vibrant team!

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Put our skills and knowledge to work for you, whether for a residential, commercial or institutional project!

Our dedicated team of sales associates and seasoned experts are at your service: we can help you prepare your plans and project quotes, by providing you with all the information you need to help you choose the right interior doors for the job.


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