PUSM manufactures several types of doors, frames, partitions and other related pro-duct using several materials and wood veneers. Here are the principal ones available. Other veneers are available on request.

Material and veneers

PUSM, in its manufacturing process, uses the following materials and veneers:
  • Rigid panel
  • Embossed panel
  • Lauan
  • Natural cherry wood (for painting)
  • Natural cherry wood (for varnish)
  • White cherry wood
  • White maple
  • Red oak
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Cherry wood
  • Stratified plastic


Here are some illustrations of doors manufactured by PUSM along with various completion materials.

Examples of successful blending between:

Design and arrangement

Forms varieties

Quality  products

  • Classic profile for added charm and character
  • Made from moulded high-density fiberboard
  • A simple, straightforward design
  • Design that stands the test of time
  • Made from moulded high-density fiberboard
  • A traditional et elegant style
  • Made from moulded high-density.


  • A distinctive look for any interior
  • Made from moulded high-density fiberboard
  • classique
  • Assured elegance
  • Innovative concept, without nails or clips
  • Large choice of glass and veneers
  • Many models available


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For all information concerning these attractive door models (sizes, delivery or other), do not hesitated to communicate with one of our representatives.

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The following veneers are the most commonly used . Several others are also available. Should the one you are looking for not be represented here below, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Take note : The grains and colors can differ from the screen image.

Cherry (flat cut)

Mahogany (flat cut)

Maple (flat cut)

Walnut (flat cut)

Other veneers available on request.
Communicate with us.