Consultation services

Consult our specialists; We put our expertise at your service. Indeed, PUSM can help with the preparation of your plans and specifications with judicious advice in the selection of your interior doors.  Enhance your projects by choosing doors according to the style and the atmosphere you wish to create.

As a custom made product specialists, PUSM can help with the market’s various needs by offering numerous products and services relating to doors, frames, moldings, pre installations etc.

Whether  for  residential, commercial or institutional projects, contact us and 
use confidently the services of one of our consultants.

The warranties

PUSM certifies its clients that all products manufactured at its plant are of first quality and in accordance with the standards and requirements of the industry.

Quality control, our priority.

Delivery services

PUSM has its own fleet for the delivery of its products within the greater Montreal area with certain applicable fees. Check with us for all the details.

Verify with us to find the areas we service, see Contact page.