The company

PUSM is a company in full growth which principal activity is to manufacture a wide variety of interior doors and related products such as frames, moldings, hardware and other.

Its large array of doors and frames is intended for the construction sector  whether residential, commercial, institutional or architectural.

This large PUSM product line helps the company to efficiently   take part in numerous construction and renovation projects, whether they’re for housing, hospitals, schools, hotels, manufacturing plants and offices.

PUSM‘s success is largely due the high quality of the products manufactured in its plant and its continuous concern towards customer satisfaction. The staff’s skills and competence accounts greatly for its success, enabling increased productivity with an excep-tional pricing/quality value.


Office and reception area

A modern factory

The PUSM plant with more than 60 000 square feet is a modern and efficient plant  for which the design and assembly line have been planned and built to satisfy the current and future needs of the company for growth and efficiency.

State-of-the-Art computer assisted equipments help provide the company with increased productivity enabling them respond efficiently to the needs of its customers.

Large production capacity


Moulding and sanding machines