Established in 1959 under the name St-Michel Flush Doors, PUSM was originally a small business destined mainly to service the needs of residential construction in the interior door sector.

Through the years, PUSM has gained in skills and expertise to develop many new products.

Exceeding the traditional residential market requirements, the company started manufacturing a number of door models and frames, all intended for commercial, institutional or architectural construction markets.

Within its view of growth and with an aim of maintaining and of improving quality of its products and services, PUSM, in 1988, moved in new buildings of more than 60000 square feet, built specifically to satisfy its new needs for growth and effectiveness of the company.


Locaux de l’entreprise en 1982

Mission and Objectives

PUSM has given itself a mission to produce as efficiently as possible superior quality products, to continue its expansion by increasing its market share and optimizing their collaboration with the customers. 

To achieve its mission, PUSM has set as principal goals to:

  • Maximize its profits,

  • Increase its buying power,

  • Maintain the quality of its products,

  • Promote training and satisfaction of its employees.